Formed in January 2018, Slow Food Birmingham is part of the international grassroots food movement Slow Food. We are one of the many local groups that make up Slow Food in the UK.

We believe much of our food system is broken and it is time to reconnect with where our food comes from and how we can grow food sustainably.

We believe the more each of us learn about food, the better our food system will become. We work towards a better food system by addressing issues such as Food Waste; Biodiversity; Fair prices for our producers; the impact of Climate Change on our Food security; the impact of processed food on our health; soil welfare and the consequences of using chemicals and pesticides; saving our bees; the production of artisanal cheese; eating less meat; sustainable fishing; maintaining traditional farming methods and many more.

Our aim is to actively connect people to the land and each other through local projects, educational events, and shared meals. We champion local food, and with your help we want to bring these experiences into farms, markets, restaurants and homes.

We want eaters to meet growers, and shorten the food chain. We want to support local food businesses that share our ethos of Good, Clean and Fair. We invite you to be a part of this, as we repair our broken food system together – whether it is sharing your knowledge on where to find local producers or restaurants who champion Good, Clean and Fair, by hosting or attending educational talks, or being otherwise active in the local food scene: we want everyone to become the catalysts for change.

Want to know more?

Learn about the Art of Taste, our garden projects or some of our other themes. Here is a good place to start … a Bite of Slow Food

Check us out on social media. We are @brumslowfood on twitter, facebook and instagram. We would love to hear from you.

Visit the Slow Food in the UK site or the Slow Food International site

Or become a member of Slow Food here … just select the virtual group while we are setting up our our group and you will be transferred over soon.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events and welcoming you as one of the Slow Food family.

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